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The company was established already in 2011.  Over this period of time, we have developed a unique system and road pothole repair equipment. This technology was created in collaboration with the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

The technology is intended for permanent repairs of potholes and further asphalt surface faults on land roads, bike paths and other asphalt surfaces.

This includes an asphalt mixture heating system using microwave technology. This technology ensures an in-depth heating of the area being repaired without degradation of asphalt mixture, by which we guarantee a high strength and durability of the repaired area.

The present unique technology is concealed in the heart of FT3, a single device, which we offer for sale to our customers.

Thanks to this equipment and unique technology FT3, road repairs may be carried out all year-round, therefore even in winter period.

With our products and their sale, we focus not only on the Czech market, but also on foreign markets. We work incessantly on innovations and search continuously for possibilities of further enhancement.

In view of safety, FT3 equipment was certified in terms of technology and occupational health.


Within an extensive competition, FUTTEC a.s. (Co. Ltd.) as one of few companies in the Czech Republic has become a successful applicant in the framework of the grant title called EU HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument - Phase 1. In the Phase 2 we already got the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE.

Through this funding instrument the SMEs are provided with a systematic support to the development of innovative products and services. The instrument aims at enabling SMEs to accomplish their innovative ideas from the original thought to the phase, when introducing them to the market is made feasible.


Repairing a pothole? This is how FT3 device and this technology are working hand-in-hand:

FT3 device is intended for the repairs from already a few tens of square centimeters up to the maximum usable area of 100 × 80 cm for the machine. Greater areas may be then heated up in more consecutive steps.

Both the technology and the device can be used all year-round, in summer and winter seasons as well as at temperatures below zero, and, thus, surface fault repair may be ensured always in time and its further expansion prevented.

Heating time will depend on the asphalt layer temperature and the surface area of the pothole defined by the penetration coating.

FT3 device was developed for the purpose of heating up asphalt surfaces by means of the microwave technology. To put it simply, it can be said that the heating up proceeds in a similar manner as in case of heating the food in our microwave ovens, however, with the sole difference that this device is many times more powerful.

For more details, please read about this unique technology.

The asphalt layer is subject to in-depth heating up to the technologically required temperature, which enables a homogeneous binding of separate surfaces, such as potholes or areas being repaired or otherwise impaired surfaces.

Make a comparison between advantages and disadvantages of various types of road repairs.


FT3 device – FT3 equipment serves for heating up asphalt surfaces, when executing permanent repairs of roadways, e.g. potholes.  Find out more about FT3 device

System container – The system container enables a simple storage and transportation of all the equipment and material required for pothole repairs on the roads and further asphalt surface faults using microwave technology. Find out more about the complex container.

Microwave furnace – FUTTEC microwave furnace is intended for asphalt mixture heating by means of microwave technology, which ensures a uniform heating through of the whole amount of the inserted material without local overheating and related asphalt binder degradation. Find out more about the microwave furnace.


  • For companies executing road repairs
  • For mayors, who have been annoyed with the poor condition of roadways and bike paths
  • For associations of municipalities
  • For private road owners – motor-racing circuits, airports and alike.


  • Homogeneity of surfaces – special technology will ensure that the new material merges into the surrounding surface. Neither unevennesses dangerous for drivers are thus formed, nor technologically undesirable cracks, which could significantly reduce the longevity of the repair life cycle.
  • All year-round repairs – road repairs may be carried out over the whole year and even in winter period.
  • Non-dependence – we are not dependent on subcontractors, who could clash with the issue of seasonal character and seasonal shutdowns of hot pre-coated asphalt mixture supplies for permanent repairs.
  • Various types of asphalt roadways – repairs may be executed on asphalt roadways of various sizes and roads with steeper gradients (steep access roads to houses, streets and alike, roads, highways, local roads, bike paths, airports, racetracks or handling areas within storage spaces).
  • Various types of damages – this technology makes repairs of various types of damages possible – starting from minor cracks up to potholes of a size of 70 × 50 cm within a single working operation. Repairs may be performed both on old and more recent roadways.
  • Repairs are carried out quickly and permanently – a pothole repair is executed by a two-member crew in about one hour following the commencement of works.
  • Efficiency – while using this unique technology, lower financial demands for time and energy arise. In this case, more efficiency brings value.
  • Technical repair certificate – during the repair works, the machine generates a technical repair certificate. The latter contains information about the repair time, its place and duration, technical parameters such as material temperature, consumption and alike. The certificate represents, at the same time, the warranty of quality and quality guarantee for the completed repair works.
  • Online transparency – the machine enables the information included in the technical repair certificate to be shared via Internet, e.g. on road administrators‘ websites.
  • Environmental protection – ecology matters a lot to us. In the pothole surroundings we do not dispose unnecessarily of the material, which need not be carried away and liquidated. The material intended for the repairs is heated up just before its use, and, thus, heat losses do not occur. For the repair we use only the amount of mixture indispensable for the repair.
  • Unique know-how – unequalled technology, developed in the Czech Republic, which may be usable worldwide. Advanced technology representing a high-quality approach to the repairs of potholes, which have been annoying citizens across the whole Europe.


We are proud of the fact that this road repair technology was developed in the Czech Republic with the contribution of important masterminds from within the branch of industry.

Citizens not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad deserve to drive on higher quality roads. Roads, which have become much safer. Roads, on which your cars would wear out less.

We are of the opinion that not only older roadways necessitate quality and permanent repairs, but also relatively new roadways require continuous care, which will prevent their fast wear and tear.

"By timely inspection and checking up and removal of minor defects may be thus prevented high costs of later extensive repairs, which, in the course of time, then become necessary."

This technology is not intended solely for pothole repairs on the roads, on which everyone drives back home, to work, to join its family... but it is also usable for bike paths, motor-racing circuits, airports and other areas, where even a smaller crack or pothole may have hazardous consequences in terms of safety. Citizens‘ safety is of crucial importance to us.

"Poor condition of roadways and huge number of potholes represent a burning question, which annoys not only the citizens themselves, but also a whole range of mayors and associations of municipalities. People deserve higher quality and safer roads."