Are you a company executing repairs of roads, local roads, highways or bike paths?


Are you active in road repairs? Do you repair asphalt roads? Have you been executing road repairs for the Road and Motorway Directorate, regional authorities, cities or municipalities or for private owners of roads such as residential building compounds, logistic centers, motor-racing circuits, airports and alike? 

In collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic we have developed a unique technology, enabling a high-quality and permanent repairs of asphalt surface faults, e. g. road potholes. By this method various types of impairment may be repaired – starting from minor cracks up to unevennesses up to potholes with a size of 70 × 50 cm.

Pothole repairs using the microwave technology may be thus performed all year-round. Please note – you may do the repairs even in winter period completely without being dependent on other sub-suppliers (pre-coated asphalt mixture production plants) and seasonality of their supplies. Read more about this FUTTEC technology.

Companies executing repairs are offered products using this unique technology:

Microwave furnace

FUTTEC microwave furnace is destined for heating up asphalt mixtures using the microwave technology, which ensures a uniform heating through of the whole amount of inserted material without local overheating and asphalt binder degradation related with it. More details about microwave furnace.

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