This could be the end of road potholes! We have got the solution for you

Does the poor condition of roads annoy your municipality, township or city? Have further potholes been popping up on and on again on the roads, posing a safety risk to pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and other participants to the road traffic?

Have you registered in your place any citizens‘ complaints about poor condition of roadways, swearing at potholes, and, arguing that because of the potholes not only their cars are damaged, but adding that potholes are dangerous also for cyclists and drivers themselves?

How does it come that further impairment has appeared again on relatively new bike path? Has this topic been the subject of discussion on meetings of the council and the municipal board? Is it a burning subject for you?

We have got a solution for you. We have developed a unique technology of pothole repairs on asphalt roadways. We offer not only technology, but also products, which would help you to solve this issue for good.


Any potholes or chuckholes? Dangers lurking on roadways and bike paths

What exactly does a pothole mean? Potholes belong among asphalt roadway surface faults. Not only the action of climatic effects, but also the lack of discipline in following technological processes is at fault, when laying down new asphalt surfaces. 

Potholes are formed, in particular, when temperatures above zero are alternating with those sub-zero, and, when, due to water freezing inside cracks and gaps, the impairment of the wearing course consistency occurs. Due to the traffic load, the impaired asphalt layer is thus completely damaged and a sharply bordered fault – a pothole is formed, extending across the whole wearing course of the roadway.  In consequence, any pothole has then effect on the road traffic safety, fluidity and comfort.

Continuous increase in the surface area and depth of these potholes subsequently occurs, as well as expansion to the roadway surface plane, disintegration of wearing course of the roadway, or, eventually, total disintegration of asphalt layers and roadway.

So, what is the main issue of today’s roads in relation to potholes?

Potholes are repaired only at the moment, when they turn to be really dangerous. Repairs are executed just on a temporary basis, in particular, in winter period, and, quality permanent repairs are postponed till the period of time, when the number of faults in a single area is so vast that the repair will pay off.

By using our technology, repairs may be ensured immediately, when a problem arises, and, thus, ensure the citizens undisturbed driving through your municipality.

We have got a solution for you! A unique technology, FT3 device or a system container

We offer mayors of municipalities or their unions several types of products using a unique technology, which will help you in dealing with the road pothole issue.

FT3 device

FT3 device serves independently for the repairs of potholes of various sizes on asphalt roadways. All you need to do is to ensure a sufficiently efficient electric power supply. FT3 is intended for heating up asphalt surfaces, which is necessary for the execution of a quality permanent repair (repair of potholes, cracks or various unevennesses). The repair using the FT3 device takes just one hour and may be carried out also in winter.  Find out more details on the FT3 device.

System container

The system container enables a simple storage and transportation of all the equipment and material required for pothole repairs on the roads and further asphalt surface faults. The container ensures the operating personnel a more efficient and comfortable handling during repairs, and, mainly it is fitted with a powerful portable power supply unit as the electric power supply for all equipment.

Likewise, the container protects individual components during transportation to the repair locality. At the same time, it ensures the working environment for the work team

Beside the proper FT3 device and the furnace for material heating, it contains a portable power supply unit ensuring the operation of FT3 device, furnace for heating up the asphalt mixture intended for pothole repairs and a compressor for the compressed air supply to clean the place being repaired (e.g. potholes or cracks on roads). The container enables the safe transportation of sufficient amount of the asphalt material, compacting equipment (vibration plates), minor tools, road work signs and further necessary material. Find out more details on the system container.

In addition to FT3 device and the system container, we also offer a microwave furnace for heating up the asphalt mixture, which may be also used separately for asphalt mixtures heating.


For what reason roads should be repaired in this way?

  • Longer life cycle and more extensive durability of the repaired asphalt surface.
  • Surface homogeneity is ensured – binding the new material with the surrounding area will occur.
  • Neither are formed gaps, nor dangerous unevennesses, which often significantly reduce the duration of the repair life cycle.
  • Carry out repairs all the year-round – with this technology you may execute road repairs through all the year, namely in winter period.
  • Various types of roadways -  repairs may be carried out on various sizes of asphalt roadways and also on roads with steeper gradients (steep access roads to houses, streets and alike, roads, highways, local roads, bike paths, airports, racetracks or handling areas within storage spaces).
  • Repairs may be performed not only on older roadways, but also completely new roadways – thus preventing further expansion of potholes.
  • Various types of damages – starting from minor cracks up to potholes of a size of 70 × 50 cm within a single working operation.
  • Repairs are carried out quickly and permanently – a pothole repair is executed by a two-member crew in about one hour following the commencement of works.
  • Efficiency – while using this unique technology, lower financial demands for time and energy arise. In this case, more efficiency brings value.
  • Technical repair certificate – during the repair works, the machine generates a technical repair certificate. The latter contains information about the repair time, its place and duration, technical parameters such as material temperature, consumption and alike. The certificate represents, at the same time, the warranty of quality and quality guarantee for the completed repair works.
  • Online transparency – the machine enables the information included in the technical repair certificate to be shared via Internet, e.g. on road administrators‘ websites.
  • Environmental protection – ecology matters a lot to us. For the repair we use only the amount of mixture indispensable for the repair.
  • Unique know-how – unequalled technology, developed in the Czech Republic, which may be usable worldwide. Advanced technology representing a high-quality approach to the repairs of potholes, which have been annoying citizens across the whole Europe.
  • We collaborate with authorities from within the branch of industry - technology was developed in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
  • We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our products.
  • The device has been certified in terms of occupational health and safety.
  • We ensure training of your operating personnel.

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