Are you an owner of private roads, motor-racing circuits, airports, or roads within storage spaces?

Please adhere to high safety demands. Make repairs of surface impairment in an efficient way and permanently

Do you own roads such as motor-racing circuits, roads within storage spaces, or airports? Do you know that any hazardous pothole or the slightest roadway fault may cause catastrophic consequences?

In terms of safety your road should be in perfect condition and you have to make sure that neither increasingly greater dangerous impairment appear on roadways, nor areas repaired at poor quality level (patching) and showing different surface and transition gap swell in numbers ?

We have developed a unique technology and products, where, thanks to them, you will have the repairs of your private roads solved permanently and at a quality level comparable with newly laid down asphalt surface completely without gaps.

By this method you may repair various types of impairment –starting from minor cracks or unevennesses up to potholes of a size of 70 × 50 cm. Repairs may be executed even in winter period and a two-member crew can manage the repairs.

Likewise, you will not be depending on sub-suppliers or seasonality.

Due to the speed of repair, which takes about two hours, you will not incur any extra costs. You will always consume only the material according to the fault extent and will not be required to purchase from sub-suppliers voluminous amount of mixture, which you do not know, whether you could use it.

Safety must be of the highest rank with you – once you repair a minor defect in time, you will thus prevent not only a dangerous situation, but also the fault expansion will not occur.

FT3 device

FT3 device serves independently for the repairs of potholes of various sizes on asphalt roadways. All you need to do is to ensure a sufficiently efficient electric power supply. FT3 is intended for heating up asphalt surfaces, which is necessary for the execution of a quality permanent repair (repair of potholes, cracks or various unevennesses). The repair using the FT3 device takes just one hour and may be carried out also in winter.  

System container 

The system container enables a simple storage and transportation of all the equipment and material required for pothole repairs on the roads and further asphalt surface faults. The container ensures the operating personnel a more efficient and comfortable handling during repairs, and, mainly it is fitted with a powerful portable power supply unit as the electric power supply for all equipment.

Microwave furnace

FUTTEC microwave furnace is destined for heating up asphalt mixtures using the microwave technology, which ensures a uniform heating through of the whole amount of inserted material without local overheating and asphalt binder degradation related with it. More details about microwave furnace.

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