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  • The FUTTEC microwave oven is designed for heating asphalt mixtures using microwave technology, it ensures even heating of the entire volume of the inserted material without localised overheating and the associated degradation of asphalt experienced by other heating methods.
  • The material does not need to be mixed, the required asphalt mixture (ACOx, ACLx, SMA) suitable for a specific repair can therefore be inserted in the form of lumps, blocks or bagged in the packaging plant before it has cooled down.
  • When using a 3D insert or bagged mixture, it is possible to heat the required amount of different mixtures at the same time, eg if the discharge is deep and the loading and abrasive layer of the road is damaged.
  • The precision control of the heating process for the asphalt mixture is ensured by a control system, which regulates the start of the microwave radiator and monitors the heating time defined by the amount of heated material so that the optimum temperature for repairing asphalt surfaces 120 - 140 ° C is achieved
  • Thanks to its parameters, the FUTTEC microwave oven is ideal for year-round permanant repairs of asphalt surfaces (potholes) using any asphalt mixture (ACO, ACL, SMA, incl. Modified mixtures), this even includes the depths of Winter.
  • It can be used in combination with the heating of asphalt surfaces using the FT3 device, but also separately, it is only necessary to ensure a supply of electricity (for example, using a generator).
  • For timely preparation of the required amount of asphalt mixture, the mixture can also be heated during transfers between individual repairs of asphalt roads.
Technical parameters
Working temperature (outdoor) -10 °C to 40 °C
Asphalt tank capacity 25 kg
Microwave power (according to variant) 1 – 12 kW
Heating time (depending on variant) 6 – 30 minut
Microwave emitter life 5 000 hodin
Warranty for the machine 24 měsíců


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