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  • The system container enables easy storage and transport of all equipment and material necessary for the permanant repair of potholes on asphalt surfaces.
  • The container thus provides the operator with a more efficient and comfortable system for repairs.
  • The container also protects the individual components during transport to the repair site. At the same time, it provides a complete and safe working environment for the work team.
  • According to the customer's wishes, a standard all-metal lockable box container with a hook height of 1000 mm can be equipped with all the equipment necessary for the repair of asphalt surfaces using microwave technology.
  • In addition to the FT3 itself and the material heating furnace, it contains a power plant for the operation of the FT3 machine, a furnace and compressor for the supply of compressed air for cleaning the area to be repaired. The container enables the safe transport of a sufficient amount of asphalt material, compaction equipment (vibrating plates), small tools, traffic signs and other necessary materials.
  • The container is equipped with its own 12 V lighting independent of the operation of the generator. The container can be modified according to the specific needs of the customer, including surface treatment, or prints.
Technical parameters of the container
Width 2.268 mm
Length 4.370 mm
Height 2.100 mm
Weight 1.050 kg
Load capacity 4.000 kg
Warranty for the machine 24 měsíců


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